We are pleased to announce that we will be providing a Leicester food bank service for the people of the LE3 area. Due to the current Covid-19 situation, many people have been affected adversely and are really struggling to make ends meet, for this reason, we see many Leicester Food Banks opening up to play their part. We would also like to spread our hands out to those individuals are families who are struggling. We aim to give a weekly parcel, all you need to do is fill out the registration form below https://thehelpfoundation.org.uk/food-parcel-registration Once we have the details we will process them and get in contact with you to advise you of the next steps. The Help Foundation was setup in Leicester in 2021. The core ethos and aim of the organization is to literally “Help” people in all situations and from all walks of life. Whether the help required is religious, spiritual, educational, poverty relief, food bank assistance, etc. With the current global turmoil and rising food and utility prices, we at The Help Foundation are noticing an increased demand for basic essentials and that’s why we have initiated our Leicester Food Bank.

Food Bank in Leicester

If you find yourself needing the assistance of a local food bank then we are here to help and assist. The process is quite straightforward order a food parcel from our food bank in Leicester. All we ask you to do is fill out the form on our website (link). Thereafter, once the filled form comes to us, we will prepare your food parcel and get it delivered to you to your doorstep. Since we run a delivery service and due to very limited resources we can only cater to the Leicester LE3 area, but if your situation is dire then please do get in touch and if our food bank can assist then we surely will do.

Food Bank Parcel

Since we are a very small food book, solely running on kind and generous donations from the public, we need to ensure that we are catering to the most vulnerable hence at times we may have to refuse a food parcel. Lastly, since the food bank is run by donations and volunteers, we are always looking for financial aid and volunteers who can help us make The Help Foundation stronger and better so we can continue to grow and continue to provide our services.